An Update

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. It has been too long since I last spoke with you. I will be posting new things in short order, but I also wanted to notify you that my more theologically-themed blog posts will be moved off to another site. You can still read them, right over here. The blog you are reading now will count as my “professional” writer’s blog from now on, one of the internet manifestations of my career as a writer.

As a wannabe who is trying to become a more professional writer, it behooves me to continually update, so there are more of my words out there. Therefore, you will be seeing more of me and my thoughts here, if all goes well. Thank you for your patience and time. I hope you will understand my delays, and enjoy the greater number of contributions I intend to make here.

Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards,

John K. Patterson

2 thoughts on “An Update

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