A Goal to Set, a Promise to be Kept.

[This post may sound very pretentious. Really, I’m just trying to unclog the drain and get my written voice back.]

In my opinion, it is about time that I set a goal for myself. The novel a lot of you know I am working on, The Wolfglen Legacy, has come with me to a certain crossroads, where I have to make a decision about how, if at all, to continue it.

From today onward, I keep the promise I made to many of my friends and my family. Procrastination will be exposed for the enticing hindrance that it is, and I will leave it wounded in the street.

For five long years, the seeds and saplings of a four-book fantasy series have been growing. Some have taken root and become scenes, characters, little descriptions and nuances I wanted to include, ideas and themes I wanted to explore. There is already a world in my head of tall buildings, of fortresses and palaces, of homes and pubs that each have a particular history. If you close your eyes and listen, you may detect the past still echoing off their walls. This world is alive with magic and dragons, the motions of empire and the flow of human nature. This is a world of moral complexity, a world that is unkind to both the cynic and the sentimentalist, wherein you find that the battle between good and evil is much more complicated than it first appears. It is a world I have grown to love and cherish, a place where I can go and explore.

And now, it cannot afford my ignorance or my sloth any longer. My world and characters have been neglected, their essence forgotten, for much too long. With all the time in the world on my hands, too much has gone to idleness. But thank God, the novel has not drifted off with the wasted days. It is still there, waiting to find its words and pages. It is up to me to bring The Wolfglen Legacy to life.

Today, I recommence the building. In fact, I have set my own birthday, October the 21st, as the deadline for the completion of a first draft. Halloween is the date by which my first rewrite must be done.

I ask you, my fellow writers, for your prayers, your support, and your accountability. If I can expand on the 40,000 words written so far and add the remaining 80,000 in roughly seven weeks, it will be a step in the right direction. Still, I will be happy to set aside some time for any help or critique which you may need as well.

Thank you all for your time.

Kindest regards,

John K. Patterson


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