More Suggested Writing Prompts

Hello again, everyone, and a Merry Christmas to all. I hope your day is prosperous, your hearts gladdened, and your families (more or less) peaceful.

One of the few downsides of Christmas for writers is how quickly it can drain inspiration. Dinners, meetings with family and friends, incessant shopping, and travel can stress out your muse enough for writing to seem like an unpleasant chore. After leading a writer’s workshop meeting last night, I thought the prompts I gave might serve to revitalize you and your muse. If you find time to write a little more during Christmas, here are a few assignments for your consideration.

1. Write something in which there is a moment of unexpected good.

2. What would it take for one of your characters to be disgusted by beauty?

3. Think of one word which can be associated with the concept of time (a moment, slow time, fast time, killing time, and the like). Next, think of a word that can be associated with romance (such as heart, difficulty, devotion, love, or captivating). Those two words are what you use for inspiration. If you think of, say, “moment” and “devotion”, see what direction your writing takes using those words to nourish your writing mind.


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