Distracted? Hire an Editor.

He's quite the motivational speaker, isn't he?

I hope you all can forgive my absence for the past week and a half. Things have been…busy.

Well, after a very intense week of revisions, I am happy to report that the working draft of the novel has been shipped off to an editor I hired, and I will be relaxing a couple of days before the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. This is just the first step, mind you; the edits and revisions have only begun. But at least the process has started.

A few words of advice to fellow writers. I don’t know how helpful they will be. They’re just bits of wisdom I picked up along the way. Or bits of incredibly obvious things I somehow had trouble remembering, as the case may be.

1. Don’t rely on a diet of coffee and Pop Tarts to get you through a week of intense writing. It’s quick energy, but you feel awful afterward, in soul and body alike. Repeated jolts of caffeine and sugar mean there are plenty of crashes, too. And the human body simply is not equipped to run a week-long gauntlet of that kind of stress. Eat healthy when you’re writing.

2. Personal hygiene keeps you in a good mood when you’re writing (I learned this mostly in a negative way, living as a slob for the revision process). Seriously, brush your teeth and take showers at bare minimum.

3. “Go write” means “Get off of Facebook and Youtube and write the freaking book!” It does not mean you get to surf for seven hours that could be spent working on your masterpiece. Generally, if you have set aside time for writing, and yet your fingers aren’t typing prose and dialogue to progress plot and character, you are distracted.

4. Per the title of this blog post, if you are finding yourself hopelessly distracted and can’t seem to get focused on the work, it helps to hire a freelance editor and arrange certain deadlines, such as “send me the first chapter by the end of the month.” Or at least grab some friends who want to read your stuff, and tell them to expect it by a certain time. This approach worked motivational miracles for me; I know for a fact that I’d still be puttering around with 2/3 of a working draft without having someone like Bree Ervin waiting for the manuscript.

Hope some of that helps if you’ve got a writing project. Catch you all later, everyone!


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