Writing Prompts for May 3, 2012

Here are a few more little assignments for the writers who may need inspiration today. Feel free to alter or contradict them at your discretion. The point is merely to get an idea and run with it. Farewell and good hunting!

1. Anxiety tastes like…

2. “I brought her here to see if we could trust her.”

3. A moment of unexpected good.

4. How is your character attached to a certain place in your story? What are sounds, textures, sights, or memories of specific events? How does your character perceive those details? Do they trigger a strong emotion in him? [Many thanks to Donald Maass for this exercise]

5. The gun didn’t shoot.

6. Describe someone’s tattoo of an animal. Why did they get it? Or might there be a tattoo on an animal? What’s your explanation for that?

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