Skyrim’s Approach to Fantasy Storytelling

Just a quick post tonight. I found this interesting article on Mythic Scribes about how The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fares as a fantasy story, if we judged it by the standards of a novel. All in all, it’s a thought-provoking piece on the different expectations and methods of various mediums for telling stories. I especially was intrigued by how the author points out some missed opportunities in Skyrim’s worldbuilding, if that was possible. Check it out for yourself.


One thought on “Skyrim’s Approach to Fantasy Storytelling

  1. Just thinking about it, The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim itself), was a book series (I THINK) before it was a video game. However, this much can be said about the Warcraft universe as well. The amount of Lore and World Building that goes into these games can be put into thousands of pages. Goes to show what a LOT of people can do when they collaborate.

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