Visual Inspiration, Again

I took some more photos that you can use as writing prompts if you like. Just a quick little post today. I need to get back to my novel’s revisions quickly. Soon I’ll have more time for something more substantial.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


3 thoughts on “Visual Inspiration, Again

  1. I think that’s the 7-11 that’s just down the street from the Asian market we go to from time to time. I see 18th St. You wouldn’t happen to know the cross street, would you?

    • Sadly, I don’t remember the crossing street. I was at a friend’s bachelor party when I took this, and we did stop by in an Asian market for a few minutes. I think that’s the same one.

      • It’s the same. I looked again and realized I recognized the temple bell in the next picture down. That’s actually a really great market.

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