What Are Your Goals as a Writer?

No real advice or musings here. Rather, this is a post of inquiry. I’d like to hear from my readers who are also writers. Specifically, I’d love to know, what keeps you going? Do you dangle a carrot before you that encourages you to keep typing, revising, submitting, or even thinking? Heck, it doesn’t have to be a writing-related goal.

It seems we all need incentive of one form or another. For myself, I have an agent expecting the full novel whenever I can send it to her. So, I have sworn off on watching certain movies until the book is finally revised and sent off (if you’re wondering, the movies are The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and even the beloved John Carter).

So, how about you? Any goals you want to try speeding along by giving yourself a reward at the finish line?

5 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals as a Writer?

  1. For me, it’s the drive to be my own boss. I am not well known for finishing that which I start, so to me, there’s this constant idea that “I’m good at this. I can finish this, and move onto the next thing, and finish that.” I also love the idea of canning this “9 to 5” gig and being able to work on my own terms. There’s also the dreams of giving interviews, book signings, and all the other “prideful” stuff, but those are small potatoes to the grin that’ll cross my face to see someone holding a book with my name on the cover while they share that same grin.

    What drives me to make my writing not only public but lucrative is the idea that one day, I’ll need to support my wife (and possibly, my children). That in and of itself–to be able to provide for them–is a huge motivator for me. Would I rather be stuck in these jobs that last eight months to a year, or would I rather do something that matters, not to mention something I love doing more than almost anything in this world?

    As far as rewards, I don’t have that in place yet. I imagine as life transitions to a new chapter for me, I’ll develop one.

  2. The only goal I really have is the joy of seeing my book on a bookshelf. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did promise my mother that I would clean out her storage closet once I published my first book. Which is actually the complete opposite of a reward. No wonder it’s taking me so long to publish, lol.

  3. The biggest thing that keeps me going is purpose. I really feel like it is something I am meant to do in my life. And the fact that I feel like I suck at writing right now and I HATE not being good as things I love to do. Someday I hope to have an agent deadline as my carrot though.

  4. Recently my intention has been just to write better. To do better work. None of my external carrots have gotten me any further toward my goals, so I’m trying to take the advice of writers who say not to rush or push or presume or despair, but just to do the work and improve continually. I keep thinking of Tiger Woods, who said once that he never plays golf against the other guy but only against his own best score.

  5. Those are big goals…holding off on The Avengers? Lol. Right now I’ve been through so much with my writing, and a few heartbreaks, that the only thing that truly inspires me is me. Because I love it and I know I won’t be happy if I don’t write, now I only write for myself. Not to say an agent and a deadline wouldn’t push me a little harder, lol.

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