Long Live Chivalry

Long Live Chivalry. This is one of the best, most powerful articles I have read in a long time. It deserves to be read, because it tears away many of the half-truths, dismissals, sneers, and contradictory objections that have been leveled against even the idea of chivalry (when it comes to how men should treat women).

Whether it’s the historical instances of knights falling short of their calling, or the insistence that special respect toward women somehow amounts to talking down to them, I have never understood why so many people have said chivalry should die and stay dead.

The women I know are wonderful human beings, and fully capable of taking care of themselves. More power to them! And they absolutely should keep fighting for equality under the law, equal wages, and everything else that puts them on equal footing with men. But I want to be a man who holds the door open anyway, because I respect and value them. And I’m not going to stop reaching for that ideal just because a few women think it’s somehow chauvinistic and patronizing that some men act like they have a duty to treat them with special dignity.

Even if I can’t be an ideal knight, I can at least try to emulate a proper knight’s manners and sense of responsibility for how they should treat ladies.

Thanks for your time.