A Thank You Note for Tumblr

Dear Tumblr,

Thank you kindly for exposing my insidious subconscious prejudices with near-psychic depth of insight. I owe the site Racebaiting — bending, sorry, Racebending — a tremendous debt. I never would have found out what a horrible, ignorant person I was without random rebloggers reading my thoughts and deciphering my motives for me.

The boost in views is proving quite nice, given Tumblr’s prestigious reputation for cultivating rationality and careful thought. Not like reactionary websites that just encourage knee-jerk reactions, over-the-top flippancy, and groupthink.

But seriously, thanks for displaying exactly the kind of reaction I was speaking against. There’s a huge difference between being “oblivious,” and being mature enough to focus on what is actually worthy of our attention and effort.

If you’ll excuse me for being so rude, I’m going to go join the grownups, and return to my trade: crafting the kinds of stories I want to tell, giving it my best shot, and hoping others will get something out of it.

Good day to you.


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