The two steps to getting 30 million hits on your blog

This advice can certainly be applied to other creative endeavors that carry a reputation of being “less than lucrative.” Make something of quality, and plan to be successful.

The Matt Walsh Blog

In just a few days, this website will pass the 30 million view threshold.

Since its inception in November of 2012, my blog has officially been read (almost) 30 million times — with about 29,800,000 of those hits coming in the last 6 months or so.

Everything has changed because of the success of this endeavor. Through the revenue from the modest bit of advertising I do on this site, coupled with the folks who generously donate to help keep the ship afloat, I’ve been able to leave my job, move back home to Maryland, and concentrate on writing full-time.

In the last six months, I’ve been republished by several major news publications, invited on TV shows, asked to speak at banquets and graduation ceremonies, approached by book publishers, and presented with other kinds of exciting opportunities (that I have to vague about, for the time being).

I thought about what I should do to…

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