“Batman vs. Superman” is Criminally Underrated

It’s one of the classic debates in comic book circles: if Batman and Superman got into a fight, who would walk away? A lot is being said about this new movie, and I won’t spoil the outcome, but the critics and “comic book authorities” are certainly losing. That’s because for reasons I cannot understand, theyContinue reading ““Batman vs. Superman” is Criminally Underrated”

What Happens when Pee-Wee Herman Meets Batman…

…is pure hilarity. Jimmy Fallon answers the question everyone and their cousin has asked: “What if Pee-wee Herman dubbed over The Dark Knight Rises?” My more serious review of the movie is coming soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

Villains, Punishment, and Fiction

I decided to offer some thoughts closely related to another recent post, about how we view evil and punishment in fiction. Generally we are fine with the bad guy getting what he deserves, except in cases when the villain wins for the purposes of the story and the character development. But there is an opinionContinue reading “Villains, Punishment, and Fiction”

A Brief Thought on Superheroes, Justice, and Violence

I’ll just come out and say it: I am irritated. Sorry for the grumpiness; it seems I’m going through a phase right now. The astounding Avengers movie and the mostly “Amazing” Spider-Man reboot are keeping bright tights and larger-than-life heroics on the silver screen, while Christopher Nolan prepares to unleash the conclusion of his masterful Batman trilogyContinue reading “A Brief Thought on Superheroes, Justice, and Violence”

Of Hobbits and Dark Knights

This week has been a thrilling one for movie fans, to say the least. Now we have the trailers for both The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s a genuine delight to at last see hints of the films which people have been talking about for the past year. Both trailers are, simplyContinue reading “Of Hobbits and Dark Knights”