Newest Artwork, Venus Transit

Finally managed to get some new drawings done and scanned. Hope your all enjoy them! I really love drawing, and plan to make it a habit again. Dinosaurs and plants seem to be two of the things I do okay with.

Triceratops. Long time since I’ve drawn this beautiful animal.

Just some flowers. No particular species; I just made them up.


And don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen: tomorrow, at 4:04 pm Mountain Time, the transit of Venus will take place (where the planet passes in front of the sun). This won’t happen again until the early 22nd century. So, yeah. Watch it if you can.

Catch you all later! If you will excuse me, I have some editing to quit putting off. This novel’s going to be finished soon, one way or another.


Rewriting and Art

Well, rewrites on the novel have officially begun. I’ll be hitting the local Barnes and Noble to do some more, and await a chance for yet more revisions during the writers workshop I attend. I can actually do revisions pretty quickly, and don’t mind the process. As I said before, this is the stage when I have something to work with, and still have a lot of creative freedom over the project.


On a totally unrelated note, I finally got to do some drawing exercises for the first time in epochs. I seem to do okay with drawing dinosaur heads in particular. This is a pic I took (sorry for the awful lighting), and I don’t know what species it might be. Not T-rex; the skull is the wrong shape for that. Not Allosaurus either. Might be a little closer to Acrocanthosaurus, thanks to the wide-angled triangular snout and the height of its neck, but the antorbital fenestra (the hollow in front of the eye socket) looks a little small for that. Ah, well. I’ll just call it a “new species” of dinosaur.

Pencil sketches are where I'm most experienced. I need to put more detail into the body, though. All of my attention keeps going to the face.

Catch you all later!

Delight for the New Year

Today, I have received the blessing of a Versatile Blogger Award from The Resplendent Life.

It’s wonderful to know the blog is making someone happy, and I am glad to pass it along.

Does your blog have ADHD? Just call it "Versatile"! That's what I did.

Rules of the Award:

1. Thank the award-giver, and link back to them in your post.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to fifteen recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

About Me:

I. I own three old typewriters, and use them when I can. There’s a certain old-fashioned comfort to the typewriter, so even in the digital age I am perfectly comfortable using these machines.

II. Whether for better or for worse, I prefer revising as I write. Most writers see it as a dirty habit, but I’m somewhat neurotic even at my best moments, so the “first draft” of a story must look right to me at the time. It also saves time for revisions later on.

III. I have recently become a rabid Doctor Who fan, thanks to Netflix, way too much spare time, and a boatload of friends demanding that I watch the show.

IV. On a slightly related note to III, I am a thorough, unapologetic Anglophile. If it has anything to do with England, I am interested. Everything about England fascinates me, and I hope to take a holiday there sometime in the next year or so.

V. I love to write by hand, but it’s most comfortable to use the Zebra F-301 pen, with a fine point and black ink. Anything else, and the writing feels diminished in some way. These simple little black-and-silver pens write clean and small, just the way I want a pen to work. When I use them, I focus on what I am writing, instead of what I am writing with.

VI. I have posted about this before, but I’ll say it again: I never grew out of loving dinosaurs. There is some transcendent quality to them that captivates me like no living creature can. For all the beauty and wonders I see in creatures that are still alive, I keep coming back to the dinosaurs over and over again.

VII. I am normally an optimist, who still sees a place for honor and chivalry and decency. So, even on the internet, I do not think there is any good reason to be a troll, or to assassinate anyone’s character. I want to see men remember that women should be respected and cherished, instead of seeing girls’ hearts broken when guys treat them like disposable playthings.

The 15 Blogs

Here are my contributions for the award. Because of my relative newness to WordPress and given my chosen profession, most of these will be writing-oriented, but one day I will post non-writing blogs that I grow to love. [Author Fred Warren’s official blog.] [Sadly she hasn’t posted in a while, but Cassandra Jade has great advice for fantasy artists.] [Awesome blog from writer and author consultant Bree Ervin.] [K. M. Weiland’s official blog for more writing advice; she’s quite professional and friendly.] [A sample of Emily Edwards’ impressive nature photography.] [Writer’s block standing in your way again? No worries. Writing assignments here for the science fiction or fantasy author in need of inspiration.] [Even more great advice on fantasy writing, especially worldbuilding.] [Kristen Lamb’s writing advice column. Layers and layers of stuff, so much to explore.] [Very nice fantasy book reviews, covering a wide range of genres and authors.] [Any fan of Game of Thrones would love this collection of recipes from the books and HBO series.] [Art instruction, tips for costumes and prosthetics, and some cool photography.] [Anglophiles unite! England is always a good thing to blog about.] [Variety of fiction, podcasts, and essays on fantasy. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one, for sure.] [Strong, solid advice on writing and grammar, with helpful thoughts on definitions.] [A blog for the dinosaur lover in all of us. Nice essays and photos of fossils (Also great for drawing references!).]