Newest Artwork, Venus Transit

Finally managed to get some new drawings done and scanned. Hope your all enjoy them! I really love drawing, and plan to make it a habit again. Dinosaurs and plants seem to be two of the things I do okay with. ______________________________________________ And don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen: tomorrow, at 4:04 pm Mountain Time, theContinue reading “Newest Artwork, Venus Transit”

Rewriting and Art

Well, rewrites on the novel have officially begun. I’ll be hitting the local Barnes and Noble to do some more, and await a chance for yet more revisions during the writers workshop I attend. I can actually do revisions pretty quickly, and don’t mind the process. As I said before, this is the stage whenContinue reading “Rewriting and Art”

Delight for the New Year

Today, I have received the blessing of a Versatile Blogger Award from The Resplendent Life. It’s wonderful to know the blog is making someone happy, and I am glad to pass it along. Rules of the Award: 1. Thank the award-giver, and link back to them in your post. 2. Share seven things about yourself.Continue reading “Delight for the New Year”