A Bumper Crop of Author Promotions

Putting that Kindle story on hold for a moment, to share something much more important with you, dear reader. The more I’ve gotten into the writing scene, the more amazing authors I have encountered. They are gifted with stories to stir the emotions — inspiration, humor, terror, tragedy, wonder, love, delight, and a thousand others.Continue reading “A Bumper Crop of Author Promotions”

Characters Need to Feel the Burn

…whether by real fire, a horrible boss who’s always on his case, or a gallon of coffee in his lap. One of the lessons I’ve been learning and applying recently in fiction writing is that characters (especially main characters) should suffer in some way, throughout the story. They cannot only have fun as the taleContinue reading “Characters Need to Feel the Burn”

What Happens when Pee-Wee Herman Meets Batman…

…is pure hilarity. Jimmy Fallon answers the question everyone and their cousin has asked: “What if Pee-wee Herman dubbed over The Dark Knight Rises?” My more serious review of the movie is coming soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

For Those who Need a Good Laugh

How Chuck Norris plays Angry Birds. I found this video on Youtube a few days ago, and I was practically dead from laughing so hard. If your day is difficult, or you’re just looking for a light moment in your day, here it is. Now, off to finish the book I have worked on forContinue reading “For Those who Need a Good Laugh”