The Next Big Thing

I was quite honored to be tagged by Jackie Hames at The Spidereen Frigate for a blog chain called “The Next Big Thing,” which gives readers a snapshot of your own work-in-progress. I’ll give it my best shot. Hope you enjoy! What is the Working Title of Your Book? The Wolfglen Legacy: Revived Where Did YourContinue reading “The Next Big Thing”

“The Hunger Games” and Understated Violence

…In which I rant some more about academic/critical theories being applied to popular stories. Proceed at your own risk. . . This is a continuation from a previous post, discussing the importance of social commentary in The Hunger Games, both book and movie. Here, I’d like to focus on the role violence played in the cinematicContinue reading ““The Hunger Games” and Understated Violence”

Satire is Overrated: A Response to John Seel’s Take on “The Hunger Games”

All right, here’s my totally arrogant, opinionated rant about something I’m not well-educated in. A number of critics have said social commentary was lost in translation from the novel The Hunger Games, to the movie. Both are, in my opinion, equally excellent renditions of the same story in different mediums. But apparently, the story is notContinue reading “Satire is Overrated: A Response to John Seel’s Take on “The Hunger Games””