Shared Thoughts on Privilege and Political Correctness

I’m still using this blog. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve also been writing a few things for Bubblews. A hard-to-pronounce name, I know. So lately, I’ve been blowing off some steam (and still trying to be nice about it) regarding the political correctness-style bullying I was subjected to a short while back. Wanted toContinue reading “Shared Thoughts on Privilege and Political Correctness”

A Thank You Note for Tumblr

Dear Tumblr, Thank you kindly for exposing my insidious subconscious prejudices with near-psychic depth of insight. I owe the site Racebaiting — bending, sorry, Racebending — a tremendous debt. I never would have found out what a horrible, ignorant person I was without random rebloggers reading my thoughts and deciphering my motives for me. The boostContinue reading “A Thank You Note for Tumblr”